Advanced Cargo Operations

advanced cargo operations

This course is required for all 2nd Mates upgrading to Chief Mate/Master and covers the following areas of study:

  • Provide practical and legal aspects of cargo operations and prepares prospective Chief Mates for their role in maintaining the vessel
  • Provide information on cargo gear and cargo stress, cargo products, care of cargo during transit in the Advanced Cargo Handling & Storage course
  • Provide training on containership operations, RO/RO vessel operations, dangerous cargo regulations, grain rules and other information on dry bulk, or containerized cargos
  • Provide information on tankers and tanker operations, liquefied gas tanker operations, ships’ construction, dry-docking, and surveys.

This course satisfies the following:

  • Requirements of 46 CFR 11.305
  • Requirements of STCW Regulation II/2, for an STCW endorsement as Master on Vessels of 3,000 GT or More (Management Level)
  • Requirements of 46 CFR 11.30 and STCW Regulation II/2, for an STCW endorsement as Chief Mate on Vessels of 3,000 GT or More (Management Level), and
  • Specific Tasks from the National Assessment Guidelines in NVIC 10-14.

  1. Load Line Regulations
  2. Requirements for Cargo Gear
  3. Cargo Gear Stresses
  4. Maintenance of Cargo Gear and Hatch covers
  5. Procedures for Receiving, Tallying and Delivering Cargo
  6. Care of Cargo During Transit
  7. Loading, Stowage and Discharge of Heavy Weights
  8. Methods and Safeguards when Fumigating Holds
  9. Dangerous Cargoes
  10. The IMO Grain Rules
  11. Containerized Cargoes
  12. Timber Deck Cargoes
  13. Introduction to Tanker Operations
  14. Oil Tankers
  15. Chemical Tankers
  16. Liquefied Gas Tankers
  17. Shipbuilding Materials
  18. Welding
  19. Bulkheads
  20. Watertight and Weathertight Doors
  21. Corrosion
  22. Marine Coatings
  23. Drydocking
  24. Surveys

The Benefits of Mariner’s Skills Online Courses:

  • Flexible course enrollment
  • Interactive online program proctored by industry experts
  • Affordable and convenient with volume license discounts for corporate customers
  • USCG approved certificate of completion issued upon successful program completion and proctored exam at a Mariner Skills approved site.

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Course Features

  • Duration: 30 Hours
  • Pass Score: 70%
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