• Leadership and Teamwork Skills
    Leadership & Teamwork Skills

    Leadership and Teamwork Skills are key traits for any individual in a management role in any business. Specific to the maritime industry, both are vital. Let’s take the last comment a step further and pose the following questions

  • Ballast Water Management
    Ballast Water Management: Need and Necessity

    The International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments, 2004, is a treaty implemented by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in order to aid in the prevention of the spread

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    STCW Training Requirements

    The key to maintaining a safe shipping environment and keeping our oceans clean lies in all seafarers, across the world, observing high standards of competence and professionalism in the duties they perform onboard.

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    Mariner Skills’ Online STCW Courses

    The International Maritime Organization (IMO) introduced the concept of e-Learning within the revised STCW 2010 Convention. Mariner Skills offers a large number of STCW and Professional Development courses, most which are approved by the USCG, ABS or Class NK.

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    Mariner Skills’ Online Course Delivery

    Mariner Skills’ students/candidates have access to a course instructor. Candidates are able to get their questions answered by email and if necessary. Additionally, course instructors are available to assist students through online video conferencing.

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    What People Say

    Mariner Skills’ student population varies from entry-level to seasoned mariners. Mariner Skills has proudly served the global US Military Port Safety and Security members through our Maritime Cyber Security Course.

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    Tank Ship Liquefied Gas (LNG) Training

    The wages for an LNG master and chief engineer command an average annual salary of $143,029, the highest paid sea-based professionals. Our Tank Ship Liquefied Gas (LNG) course, MRNSKL-934, is a USCG-Approved, completely online training which meets the STCW requirements for officers and ratings who may not have sailed onboard LNG tanker ships. Also available for the Advanced level.

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    Vessel Security Officer

    Our MRNSKL-844 Vessel Security Officer (VSO, online) course will satisfy: The training requirements of 33 CFR 104.215(d)(I)(iv) and STCW Code Section A¬-VI/5 for an STCW endorsement as Vessel Security Officer. Successful completion of a proctored exam is required at a Mariner Skills facility in Wilton, CT., Seattle, WA., or Houston, TX.

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    Basic Polar Code Operations

    Avoiding hazards while safely navigating treacherous ice passages relies on the expertise and skill of a bridge team. Our Basic Polar Code Operations course, MRNSKL-847, offers the knowledge as noted in the training requirement and standard of competence of section A-V/4, table A-V/4-1, of the STCW Code as amended for Basic Polar Code Operations.

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    Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids

    Anyone completing the MRNSKL-944 Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids (On-Line) course and applies for endorsement within five years of completion will satisfy: The course requirements of 46 CFR 13.201(c)(4) for original issuance OR 13.120(a)(2) for renewal of Tankerman-PIC (DL) and meet the standards of competence, required by 46 CFR 13.609(a)(2), of Section A¬-V/1, Table A-V/1-1-1 of the STCW Code for Basic Oil AND Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations.

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    Designated Duty Engineer Unlimited Horsepower (Blended)

    Anyone completing the MRNSKL-157 Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) Unlimited Horsepower course within 1 year of application will: Receive 45 days of sea service credit that can be applied towards the service requirements of 46 CFR 11.524(b)(1) for a credential as Designated Duty Engineer of Motor Propelled Vessels of Unlimited Horsepower or Satisfy the professional examination requirements of 46 CFR 11.903(a)(34) for a national officer endorsement as Designated Duty Engineer Less Than 4,000 HP Motor.

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