STCW Modular Courses for Specialized Ships

STCW Special Training – The STCW modular courses have been developed to meet the standards of the Chapter 5: STCW Code for Special Training Requirements for Personnel on Certain Types of Ships as follows:

  • STCW V/1-1: Masters, officers and ratings on oil and chemical tankers
  • STCW V/1-2: Masters, officers and ratings on liquefied gas tankers
  • STCW V/3: Masters, Officers, Ratings and Other Personnel on Certain Types of Ship (IGF Code)
  • STCW V/4: Masters and deck officers on ships operating in polar waters (Polar Code)

There are specialist vessels that carry dangerous cargoes; in that included are, oil tankers, chemical carriers, liquefied gas carriers and LNG carriers. They require specialist training for the operations and the management level officers, as well as the crew, on most occasions. A new challenge has arisen due to ships using polar passages, which requires specialized training and ship construction and preparations to survive in that environment.

The IMO continues to introduce such new requirements based on the needs of the shipping industry and to maintain a clean sea and safe environment for shipping across the oceans.

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    Tank Ship Liquefied Gases

    Tank Ship Liquefied Gases course is an online course meeting the STCW requirements for officers and ratings who may not have sailed on board Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tanker ships.

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    Advanced Liquefied Gases

    Advanced Liquefied Gases course is an online course for personnel responsible for operating liquefied natural gas carriers (LNGC).

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    Basic Polar Code Operations

    This course meets the STCW mandatory minimum requirements for training and qualification of masters and officers on board ships operating in polar waters.

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    Ballast Water Management

    The course covers the impact of uncontrolled ballast water admissions into restricted waters, and systems and technologies available to control such releases.

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    Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids

    Successful completion of this course should enable candidates to serve on oil tankers in a capacity other than master, chief engineer officer, chief mate or second engineer officer, and to perform specific duties

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    Advanced Dangerous Liquids

    This course prepares trainees for candidates as the Person-In-Charge of Tanker and / or Barge Operations, including loading and discharging procedures, tank preparation, pollution prevention and hazard control.

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    Security Training for Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties

    All ships today must have a vessel security plan (VSP). Candidate who successfully complete the VPDSD course should be able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge to undertake the duties assigned under the VSP.

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    Vessel Security Officer

    Candidate who successfully complete this course should be able to undertake the duties and responsibilities of a designated Vessel Security Officer as defined in 33 CFR Part 104.

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    Advanced Training for Polar Operations (POLAR CODE)

    This course is designed to provide an advanced training for those mariners involved in working on vessels in polar waters as senior navigating officers.

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    Engine Room Resource Management

    Engine Room Resource Management will help in avoiding human errors and thus the cause of failures. This course is designed to provide an officer in charge of an engineering watch an understanding of the proper utilization and considerations given to resources available in a maritime engine department.

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    High Voltage Safety

    This course is designed to satisfy the HV requirements laid out in the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW), Manila Amendments, and the USCG.

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    Leadership & Managerial Skills

    This course is constructed as outlined in Subpart D of Part 10, Title 46, Code of Federal Regulations. Any candidate who successfully completes the course will satisfy, the Leadership and Managerial Skills training requirements for STCW Endorsements of Master or Chief Mate on Vessels