Leadership & Managerial Skills

Leadership and Teamwork Skills

Did You Know?

Power distance refers to how members of an organization accept how power is distributed. and this sometimes leads to human failures in ships. For example, people from aountries with low power distance relations are more consultative and democratic whereas individuals from high power distance cultures are more respectful of authority and less effective without orders from their supervisors.

Applicants who have successfully completed the Leadership and Managerial Skills course will satisfy:

  • The Leadership and Teamworking Skills standards of competence required by 46 CFR11.309(c)(1) and 11.319(b)(1); STCW Code Section A-II/1 and Table A-II/1, asamended2010,meetingtheNationalAssessmentGuidelinesfromNVICs12-14(Ch-4)and02-18(Ch-1)Tasks 17.1.A,18.1.A, and 18.2.A; AND
  • TheLeadershipandTeamworkingSkillsstandardsofcompetencerequiredby46 CFR 11.321(b)(1); STCW Code Section A-II/3 and Table A-II/3, asamended2010; AND
  • The Leadership and Teamworking Skills standards of competence required by46CFR11.329(c);STCWCodeSectionA-III/1andTableA-III/1,asamended2010, meeting the National Assessment Guidelines from NVIC 17-14(Ch-4)Tasks15.1.A, 16.1.Aand 16.2.A; AND
  • 305(b)(1),11.307(b)(1),11.311(b)(1),11.313(b)(1),and11.315(b)(1);STCW Code Section A-II/2 and Table A-II/2, as amended 2010, meeting the NationalAssessmentGuidelinesfromNVICs10-14(Ch-3),11-14(Ch-3),and03-18(Ch-1)Tasks18.1 and 18.2; AND
  • The Leadership and Managerial Skills standards of competence required by 46 CFR11.317(b)(1);STCWCode SectionA-II/3andTableA-II/3, asamended2010;AND
  • The Leadership and Managerial Skills standards of competence required by 46 CFR11.325,11.327,11.331,and11.333; STCWCodeSectionA-III/2 and Table A-III/2, asamended2010, meeting the National Assessment Guidelines from NVICs 15-14(Ch-3)and16-14(Ch-2)Tasks11.1.Aand14.1.A.

  1. Duties and responsibilitiesof shipboard personnel
  2. TheHuman Factor
  3. Leadership and Teamwork
  4. Resourcemanagement
  5. Task and workload management
  6. Decision making techniques
  7. International Conventions and MaritimeLaws
  8. Internationalmaritimeconventions andNationallegislation

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Course Features

  • Duaration : 35 Hours
  • Pass Score : 70%
  • Course Id : LRNAMC-827
  • Course: USCG Approved
Price : $750