Mariner Skills launches Scrubber Technician Course

21 November 2022 Event

Sitting on the fence?  Already installed a Scrubber to meet emission control standards?  Mariner Skills’ course, MSTM-649 Scrubber Technician, can help address your concerns and help streamline scrubber operations.

Operational disruptions in scrubbers are expensive, and proper service minimizes the risk of downtime. On many occasions, operation and maintenance are performed incorrectly, ending in bad results. Correct preventative maintenance can make the vessel environmentally compliant, extend the life cycle of the scrubber, and reduce overall operational costs.

The price difference between HSFO and VLSFO have been increasing steadily and scrubbers are quickly back on the agenda amongst ship-owners. In years to come, scrubbers will continue to be the only competitive alternative for ships running on oil.

Can the shipboard engineer acquire sufficient skills in running the scrubbers with optimum efficiency and keep the environment safe from exhaust gas pollution? That is where this course should be useful; in understanding how the scrubber plant works and the ways to keep them running efficiently, while performing the preventive maintenance tasks, based on the manufacturers’ instructions and the shipboard SMS.

Course Topics:

  1. Problems of air emissions from ships' exhausts
  2. Types of scrubbers and their constructional features
  3. Regulations and documentation for scrubbers
  4. Scrubber operation and safety features
  5. Scrubber maintenance and troubleshooting
  6. Discussion on opportunities and challenges in scrubbers

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