Introducing Pre-Employment Screening

30 May 2023

During Mariner Skills’ meetings over the past year with many of our current and prospective clients, we heard the crewing and training managers express interest in improving their ability to screen prospective employees/crew as part of the recruitment process. We listened!

Starting in June 2023, Mariner Skills, LLC., an ABS and USCG-Approved online training provider, is pleased to announce the launch of ‘Pre-Employment Testing’, our cloud-based proctored testing system for screening prospective employees/crew.

Each day, HR/Crewing Managers encounter the challenge of balancing the hiring of mariners possessing the necessary skill sets to perform a specific job function successfully and safely vs. the current pool of applicants. Frequently, there is an imbalance of expectation vs. reality which can cause hiring managers to choose one candidate over the other on ‘a feeling,’ and not necessarily based upon data-driven decisions.


Our online screening tools help your HR/crewing department to select the most qualified individual who best aligns with the organization.

Our operations-level and management-level screening tests, along with our diagnostic reports, will provide you with the necessary evaluation of a candidate’s knowledge and skills. It is now easier than ever for managers to choose the right candidate for a vacancy. Select the best person for your next vacancy. Hiring the right people on the Operations Level and the Management Level can have a positive influence, affect employee morale, and impact organizational performance.

For more information on our onboard and cloud-based training, and pre-employment testing please contact us to discuss your companys’ needs. Mariner Skills may be contacted at +1.203.939.1514. Or reach out to us at:

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