OICNW Course

OICNW Course

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The work is not easy. You have huge responsibilites on your shoulders. But nothing beats the pleasure of getting to see the sunrise and the sunset at sea. Those beautiful colors make you forget all worries. The sea is an enchantress. Sometimes it's calm, and at times it is ferocious. No wonder they say, only the best men go to sea!

An Officer in Charge of Navigational Watch is also referred to as a Deck Officer and is assigned with the duties of watch keeping and safe navigation of the ship. This program will prepare the learner for his/her Cadetship to obtain the sea service component and eventually qualify as a Deck Officer and sail as a third/second mate on a deep-sea vessel.

The OICNW-2 will be equivalent to a STCW endorsement for operational level officer of the deck department on an ocean-going merchant ship. The OICNW duties consist of but are not limited to the duties of a National Mate’s credential. OICNW is an STCW endorsement that applies to MMC Officer Endorsements with tonnage limitations greater than 200 tons (500 tons) or more and either a near coastal or ocean route.

The Program comprises of eight (7) individual courses with end of course assessments. Candidate must pass all eight course assessments to be eligible for the OICNW Endorsement by the USCG.

Q100 -Rules of the Road: International and Inland

Q100 - Watchkeeping
Q100 - Inland Navigational Rules

Q111 - Deck General

Q111 - Vessel Maneuvering and Handling
Q111 - Cargo Handling and Stowage
Q111 - Maritime Law
Q111 - Communications

Q112 - Deck Safety

Q112 - Stability, Construction, and Damage Control
Q112 - Vessel Power Plants:
Q112 - Fire Prevention and Firefighting Appliances
Q112 - Emergency Procedures
Q112 - Medical Care
Q112 - Lifesaving

Q113 - Navigation General: Near Coastal

Q113 - Navigation and Position Determination
Q113 – Piloting
Q113 - Watchkeeping
Q113 - Compass - Magnetic & Gyro
Q113 - Meteorology and Oceanography

Q114 - Navigation General: Oceans

Q114 - Navigation and Position Determination
Q114 - Piloting
Q114 - Watchkeeping
Q114 - Compass - Magnetic & Gyro
Q114 - Meteorology and Oceanography

Q116 - Navigation Problems - Near Coastal

Q116 - Ocean Track Plotting
Q116 - Determination of Compass Error
Q116 - Meterology and Oceanography

Q117 - Navigation Problems - Oceans

Q117 - Ocean Track Plotting
Q117 - Celestial Observations
Q117 - Times of Celestial Phenomena
Q117 - Meterology and Oceanography

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Course Features

  • Duration: 1005 Hours
  • Pass Score: 70%
  • Id: -
Price: $1,250