Training for the Towing Industry

Mariner Skills, LLC., is an ABS and USCG approved online training organization.  We bring the world’s largest library of accredited online courses to the maritime industry, including USCG approved courses which are licensed from Mariner Skills.  Mariner Skills offers other industry courses approved by ABS and Class NK.

Our subject matter experts have created an extensive list of courses aligned to your organizational training needs, aka Training Matrix.  Mariner Skills’ offers over 50 courses for the Towing industry. All subjects for are self-paced online courses that include an e-Book, training videos with animation, and self-assessments that your candidates can learn anytime, anywhere.  Our platform include access to instructors for guidance and academic support.

Whether your training department consist of one employee or several, we are happy to offer a complimentary Training Matrix to be used to identify any gaps and provide help, where needed.  We enhance your training needs through USCG approved courses leading to job-specific endorsement needs of your crew.

Your goal is simple : Let our fully online and accredited training modules assist you and your crew to safety and efficiently complete your organizational goals.

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MSTI-601 TB-TSMS Towing Safety Management System
MSTI-602 TB-CON Construction of Tugs
MSTI-603 TB-STAB Stability of Tugs
MSTI-604 TB-MCEQ Machinery and Equipment of Tugs
MSTI-605 TB-EC Electrical and Control Systems on Tugs
MSTI-606 TB-OPS Safe Towing Vessel Operations
MSTI-607 TB-FAM Shipboard familiarization
MSTI-608 TB-DKHO Deckhand Orientation
MSTI-609 TB-IVBF Inland Vessel & Barge Familiarization
MSTI-611 TB-STH Common Maritime Security Threats
MSTI-612 TB-STC General Security Techniques
MSTI-613 TB-SSO Ship Security Officer: Duties and Responsibilities
MSTI-614 TB-SCYB Cyber Security
MSTI-615 TB-COLR COLREGS and Best Navigational Practices
MSTI-616 TB-WK Watchkeeping
MSTI-617 TB-ISM International Safety Management (ISM) Code
MSTI-618 TB-JSA Job Safety Analysis
MSTI-619 TB-RA Risk Assessment
MSTI-620 TB-SCUL Creating a Strong Safety Culture
MSTI-621 TB-HAZ Shipboard Hazards
MSTI-622 TB-DSIG Distress Signals and Equipment
MSTI-623 TB-LSA Lifesaving on Tugs
MSTI-624 TB-FFA Firefighting on Tugs
MSTI-625 TB-DRIL Drills: Preparing for on-board emergencies
MSTI-626 TB-PPA Personal protective equipment
MSTI-627 TB-ESE Enclosed Space Entry – Safety awareness, Preparations and Rescue
MSTI-628 TB-RAFT Life Rafts
MSTI-629 TB-MOB Man overboard! Procedures and Precautions
MSTI-630 TB-ERM Engine room resource management
MSTI-631 TB-LOCK Lockout Tagout: Ensuring a safe working environment
MSTI-632 TB-EGEN Electrical safety part 1 - generation and distribution
MSTI-633 TB-EHV Electrical safety part 2 - high voltage and hazardous areas
MSTI-634 TB-ETPS Electrical Safety part 3 - testing protocol and personal safety
MSTI-635 TB-ELF Electricity: Fundamentals and terms
MSTI-636 TB-ELS Electricity: Safety at sea
MSTI-637 TB-BSPL Bunker Spill
MSTI-638 TB-BBP Bunkering Best Practices
MSTI-639 TB-BOPS Bunkering Operations: Safe Oil Transfer Procedures
MSTI-640 TB-ENAW Environmental Awareness: Oil, Garbage and Sewage
MSTI-641 TB-OWS Oily Water Separators and the oil record book
MSTI-642 TB-POLR Onboard oil pollution response
MSTI-643 TB-MLC Maritime Labor Convention (MLC): Know Your Rights
MSTI-644 TB-DISC Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination
MSTI-645 TB-DRAL Drug and Alcohol Policy
MSTI-646 TB-PERF Performance Appraisals
MSTI-647 TB-CORR Corrosion and its protection
MSTI-648 TB-COAT Coating and Painting
MSTI-649 TB-PM Project Management
MSTI-650 TB-QA Quality Assurance

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