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Mariner Skills, LLC., an American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) approved and United States Coast Guard (USCG) approved online training organization, brings a vast library of online maritime courses to the maritime industry. We offer a wide selection of online and blended STCW modular courses which are all USCG flag state approved for mariner certification – our certificates are accepted for endorsements across 170+ white-listed flag states. We also offer a wide range of ABS Class-approved professional development online courses. Offering convenience and flexibility, our online maritime training and skills courses are designed to provide seafaring and onshore personnel alike with convenient access to an extensive portfolio of topics and specialties.

Our online maritime educational courses offer individual skills training courses, as well as course combinations designed to provide a strong basis of knowledge for new entrants into a field of study and professionals looking to advance their skills. All users are issued a certificate of achievement from Mariner Skills, upon successful completion.

All Mariner Skills courses run on a platform based on a proven self-paced learning model which employs an engaging learning management system that includes an e-Book filled with detailed description and compelling animated videos, self-assessment quizzes, and assessments.

All our courses are available via high-speed internet access anytime, anywhere.

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Basic Polar Code Operations

STCW Modular Courses for Specialized Ships

Tankship Liquefied Gases

STCW Modular Courses for Specialized Ships

Tankship Dangerous Liquids

STCW Modular Courses for Specialized Ships

Vessel Security Officer (VSO)

STCW Modular Courses for Specialized Ships


The best part of this course was that I was able to take the course at home and continue working. The e-books and videos increased my knowledge.

Sean F.,
09/06 Tankship Dangerous Liquids

The overall user interface, helped to establish a great efficiency for learning and overall results.

Justin Z.,
06/06 Tankship Dangerous Liquids

The best part of this course for me was the quizzes and the practice exams.

Shaylah W.,
08/01 VPDSD

The practice exams, and the materials used were most useful for learning. In addition, the note section and instructors’ advice especially helped support me during my learning process. Overall, the course was very informative, and I would recommend it to friends and family.

Mherlie D.,
08/01 VPDSD

The best part of this course for me is that allowed me to learn at my own pace. The videos and reading materials included in the training increased my knowledge and skills in the subject matter. My instructor helped me gauge my study hours keeping me on track prior to taking the final exam.

LeRoid J.,
09/29 Basic Polar Code

The best part of this course for me is that it was self-directed and that I could move at my own pace. The quizzes after each section were good practice. The objective was clear. The instructional materials increased my knowledge and skills on the subject matter. I liked how the e-book showed a progress bar, telling you how much more you had to go through it was encouraging to see the bar increase as I chunked out study hours.

Kristofer B.,
08/09 Basic Polar Code
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Mariner Skills provides training courses to Sinogas Management Pte. Ltd.

Mariner Skills, LLC, an ECM Group Company, has developed a unique way to deliver online training courses to Sinogas Management Pte. Ltd., a ship management company based out of Singapore that operates gas carrier trading to the USA.


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Mariner Skills Offering Flag State Approved Online STCW Modular Courses

Mariner Skills is partnering with Learn America, Inc., a USCG Approved, Online and Blended, Training Organization to offer approved STCW modular training courses.